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Paul Smith | Office desk lamps

Paul Smith (b. 1946) is a world-famous British designer who is best known for his work in fashion. In addition to clothing, Smith has designed a wide spectrum of products, ranging from bicycles to cameras, cars and lighting. Smith created his own clothing brand back in 1970, and today his pieces are sold in dozens of countries around the world. His works are often defined by a playful combination of high fashion and everyday life, as well as a curious and lively approach to the world of design. During his career, Smith has been awarded numerous merits in the fields of culture and society, including the Honorary Fellowship of the British Institute of Interior Design and the title of Knight.

Paul Smith has designed pieces for the following brands:

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Nordic desk lamps for home and office

Whether you’re looking for a modern desk lamp for your home office or something more traditional for your reading corner, you’ll find it at Finnish Design Shop. We’ve handpicked the most stylish Scandinavian desk lamps to light up your space, including pieces from top manufacturers like Louis Poulsen and GUBI, and celebrated designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Michele De Lucchi and Jean-Louis Domecq.

Choose from Scandinavian desk lamps in a wide range of colours here at Finnish Design Shop.

How to choose a desk lamp?

Be sure to find a desk lamp that provides enough light for the task at hand and for the size of your desk. Also, consider how much adjustability you need from your desk lamp – some have multiple bending joints to precisely align them with your working position, while others offer fixed lighting and are great for ambience. Some of our contemporary desk lamps are dimmable, which is convenient if you’re going to use it for different purposes.

When buying a designer desk lamp, it’s also essential that it looks good and fits with the rest of your décor and other lighting like wall lamps. 

Designer desk lamps in a range of materials

Elevate the ambience of your workspace by adorning it with designer desk lamps, available in a rich array of materials. The right desk lamp not only illuminates your work area but also adds a touch of sophistication and personal style. You can customize the look of your workspace with luxury desk lamps in many different materials, including:

Chrome desk lamps
Plastic desk lamps
Brass desk lamps
Oak desk lamps

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