For over 150 years, Arabia has been a pioneer of modern Finnish design, since its founding in 1873. The core of Arabia's product range consists of popular dishware series, Moomin products and design gift items. Arabia ceramic tableware and other products are beloved for their timeless and recognisable design, as well as their user-centred functionality.

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Arabia dishware – Ceramic beauty and icons of Finnish design

Arabia is a gem of Finnish ceramic industry, with roots going back to 1873. The story began when the Swedish ceramics factory Rörstrand established a subsidiary in Helsinki to produce dishware and utility ceramics for the Finnish market. Initially, Arabia manufactured utilitarian items, but soon the brand evolved towards more artistic and decorative designs for which it is best known.

While deeply rooted in Finnish culture, Arabia's products have gained popularity worldwide. The blend of local and international appeal makes Arabia a unique brand that resonates with a broad audience.

Award-winning design and collector favourites

In the 1950s and 1960s, Arabia reached its golden age, with designers like Kaj Franck and Ulla Procopé creating iconic pieces that are still sought after by collectors today. Arabia's most famous dishware series is probably Kilta, designed by Kaj Franck in the 1950s, later known as Teema, and today manufactured by Iittala. Other beloved classics include Moomin dishware, the Paratiisi series, the 24h dishware, and Uunikokki baking dishes.

In the 2000s, Arabia continued to innovate and launch new collections, while maintaining its connection to tradition. Arabia dishware holds a special place in the lives and hearts of Finns, consistently ranking as a favourite brand in Finland.

Milestones of Arabia

  • 1873: Arabia's porcelain factory is established in Helsinki on a plot named Arabia.
  • 1900: Arabia's collection is awarded a gold medal at the Paris Exposition. New decoration techniques are introduced.
  • 1930s: Arabia's renowned art department is founded.
  • 1950s: Kaj Franck's Kilta series (later called Teema) is launched. Arabia designers win numerous awards at the Milan Triennials.
  • 1960s: Several classic dishware series are released, including Ulla Procopé's Valencia and Ruska, and Birger Kaipiainen's Paratiisi.
  • 1990s: Heikki Orvola's 24h series and the highly popular Moomin collection are introduced.
  • 2000s: Arabia joins the Fiskars Group. The KoKo dishware series is launched in 2005 and the Mainio Sarastus collection in 2018.

Why choose Arabia?

  1. Timeless design: Arabia's products are designed to withstand time and trends.
  2. For everyday and special occasions: Arabia dishware is versatile and suitable for daily use as well as special events.
  3. Iconic Finnish brand: Arabia's products are part of Finland's cultural heritage and design history.
  4. Award-winning collections: Arabia's collections, such as Kilta and Paratiisi, have received international recognition.
  5. Collectible value: Arabia products are highly sought after by collectors and may even increase in value over time.

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