A designer candleholder not only elegantly frames the glow of a candle but also serves as a charming decor item on its own. Our curated collection includes a diverse range of Scandinavian candleholders suited for both taper and pillar candles. Choose your favourite candleholder and enjoy the perfect combination of natural light and design!

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Illuminating the charm of Scandinavian candleholders

Venture into the world of Scandinavian candleholders, lighting up your moments with a blend of simplicity and warmth that feels just right. At Finnish Design Shop, we proudly present a curated collection of designer candleholders that blend the timeless elegance of classic design with the fresh flair of contemporary style. Our selection boasts modern candleholders in a range of styles, colours, and materials, ensuring a match for every taste and every room.

Whether you're seeking the sleek lines of minimalist candlesticks or the bold statement of a modern candelabra, our range includes options for every preference. Discover decorative candleholders, taper holders, and pillar candle holders from renowned Nordic brands like applicata, Audo Copenhagen, HAY, Iittala, Klong, and STOFF Copenhagen. Our assortment showcases the very best of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

Designer candleholders: 5 ways to illuminate your home

1. Dining table elegance: Set the scene for memorable meals with a range of small and large candleholders as your centrepiece.

2. Mantelpiece majesty: Adorn your living room's focal point with a selection of candlestick holders that complement your fireplace and decor style.

3. Bedside serenity: Create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom with candle stands on bedside tables or wall shelves.

4. Bathroom bliss: Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with luxury candleholders that cast a serene ambience.

5. Outdoor charm: Extend the cosy luminance of candlelight to your outdoor areas with weather-resistant candleholders, perfect for alfresco gatherings.

How to choose the perfect candleholder material?

Brass candleholders: Step into an era of sophistication with durable and sophisticated brass, ideal for brightening up any corner of your home.

Ceramic candleholders: Ceramic's adaptability makes it perfect for any room's mood, whether you're aiming for city chic or countryside charm.

Glass candleholders: Let glass candleholders master the play of light, setting the perfect mood with their dance of reflections and shadows.

Marble candleholders: For a touch of opulence, marble candleholders are unmatched in luxury, each piece unique with its own veining.

Wooden candleholders: Bring a piece of nature into your home with wooden candleholders that evoke the comfort and warmth of a cosy evening.

Discover the stories behind classic and modern candleholders

Every candleholder has a tale, a design journey that transcends the mere act of lighting a candle. For more inspiring narratives and creative ideas on integrating designer candleholders into your space, we invite you to delve into our online magazine Design Stories.

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