Sky Planter is an innovative upside-down planter from Boskke. With its unique design, you won’t be sacrificing floor space and your plants will be hanging upside-down. The plant and soil are kept in place thanks to a locking disc and mesh. Its internal reservoir system feeds water gradually to the plant roots and this conserves water and saves you time. The Sky Planter is easy to use: simply remove a ready-grown plant from its container and insert it into the Sky Planter, lock the pot and hang it upside-down. For more greenery at home and at work, Sky Planter from Boskke is what you need!

We recommend using the Ceiling Extension accessory by Boskke to suspend your Sky Planters. These can be purchased separately.

  • Manufacturer: Boskke
  • Size: Height 19 cm, diameter 16,5 cm
  • Material: Stoneware ceramic
  • Color: White

Sky Planter flower pot M, white

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