The OOJA Displays K001 cart sign is designed as an add-on to the K001 cart. With the help of the sign, you can brand the cart for your business by having your local printing company print a logo or perhaps a message on it. Made from metal, the OOJA Displays' K001 cart sign is manufactured in Finland.

K001 cart sign, white

OOJA displays



Ships next business day


78 cm

Noora Sallasmaa & Janne Norokytö

Finnish Noora Sallasmaa and Janne Norokytö are a designer couple and the founders of OOJA Displays. Working in the Finnish countryside in Sauvo, the duo designs multi-purpose, high-quality and minimalist sales furniture which are mainly made in collaboration with local artisans and small businesses. Both Sallasmaa and Norokytö have solid experience in sales furniture which they have designed for several Finnish brands before founding OOJA Displays.

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