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Finnish OOJA Displays manufactures high-quality special furniture for a variety of public spaces. Founded by Noora Sallasmaa and Janne Norokydö in 2020, OOJA Displays operates in the Finnish countryside in Sauvo, and its furniture is mainly made by local artisans and small businesses.

The streamlined yet laid-back furniture is designed to be versatile so that the same furniture is suitable for a wide range of spaces, from restaurants and hotel lobbies to shops or event venues. The furniture is easy to assemble, store and transport, but at the same time, it shows the designers' appreciation for high quality, timelessness, and handicraft traditions. Thanks to the minimalist design, OOJA Displays' furniture is also well suited for use in private homes.

This brand has collaborated with: Noora Sallasmaa & Janne Norokytö

19 products

19 products