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Luceplan | Home office & office furniture

Founded in 1978, Luceplan is an Italian lighting manufacturer whose collections combine some of the latest technological innovations and research with an experimental approach and long-lasting designs. When developing the technical properties and energy efficiency of its lighting, Luceplan collaborates not only with renowned designers but also with researchers from various fields. Luceplan’s luminaires have been awarded the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award several times, and its lamps are also exhibited, for example, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Luceplan manufactures its lamps in Italy.

Some popular Luceplan products:

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    Transform your workday with designer home office furniture

    Arriving at work is a joy with luxury home office furniture. Not only pleasing to the eye but cleverly designed to be durable, functional, and versatile too. We have a wide selection of office furniture from leading Nordic and Scandinavian designers who put their talents to work creating stylish and comfortable furniture and accessories for your home office or business. To complete your office or business setup, we also recommend visiting our lighting collection. And if you don’t find what you need in the office furniture collection, drop by the main furniture collection.

    Office furniture materials loved by designers

    Scandi designers love using materials of quality in everything they make, with an emphasis on natural materials like wood. They pay careful attention to details, like the grain of the wood, surface texture, material longevity and sustainability, as well as the harmony of components and mix of materials.

    Our luxury office furniture is made from materials loved by designers, including:

    • solid oak
    • walnut veneer
    • ash wood
    • birch plywood
    • brushed brass
    • galvanized steel
    • aluminum

    The care they put into selecting materials translates into comfortable, easy-to-use office furniture that makes each workday a pleasure.

    Designer display furniture for a stylish image

    Display furniture by our top designers adds a touch of Nordic minimalism to your home office or your product displays in stores, cafés, galleries, or other public spaces and outlets. More than just display stands or product presentation shelves, designer display furniture embellishes your space and enhances your brand image.

    Finnish Design Shop’s display furniture includes traditional and modern display counters, stands, shelves, and display cases that seek the perfect combination of shape, function, comfort, detail, and esthetic. Products from our office display section are made to beautifully frame your products or objects and present them in their best light.

    Discover playful and minimalist display furniture by OOJA displays. And if you’re looking for shelves you may also be interested in exploring our main collection of shelves.

    Finnish Design Shop’s home office & office furniture collection includes:

    • Desks
    • Office chairs
    • Containers
    • Storage furniture
    Desk lamps
    • Display furniture
    • Noticeboards & whiteboards
    • Wastebaskets & recycling