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The Arabia Tuokio series combines influences from Arabia's long pattern-making traditions with the functional shapes of Heikki Orvola's 24h tableware collection. Featuring a dotted pattern by Harri Helorinne and Jarkko Kallio, the ceramic Tuokio dishware offers a delightful mix of nostalgia and modern design, blending delicacy with strength.

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Arabia Tuokio tableware – timeless design for everyday celebrations

The Tuokio dishware series is a tribute to Finnish design and the rich pattern tradition of dishware manufacturer Arabia. These versatile products are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions, making them a staple in numerous homes in Finland and worldwide.

The translucent, dotted pattern of the Tuokio tableware is captivating, creating a harmonious ambience. The intricate details mimic a hand-painted effect, showcasing the artist's craftsmanship and brushstroke rhythm. This honours the original ceramic decorations using modern techniques.

The diverse shapes and colours of Tuokio tableware

The Tuokio collection includes a wide range of ceramic tableware such as plates, bowls, mugs and serving dishes. The colour options of the collection range from classic cobalt blue to gentle beige and warm red.

Each product is designed to withstand daily use, microwaving, and dishwashing, making them ideal for all dining moments, whether it's a busy weekday morning or an elaborate dinner with a larger group.

Tradition meets modernity

Arabia's products have a long history dating back to 1873. The Tuokio series design combines this heritage with modern aesthetics by blending nostalgic patterns with contemporary forms. The series is based on the clear forms of the Heikki Orvola-designed 24h collection, while the Tuokio pattern itself was created by Harri Helorinne and Jarkko Kallio from the design studio Helorinne & Kallio.

The clear, simple and soft lines of the 24h collection have been pleasing Finnish tastes since the series was introduced in 1996. As its name suggests, the design is meant to fit every hour of the day. Finnish for "moment", the name Tuokio, on the other hand, highlights special, memorable moments.

Why choose Arabia Tuokio products?

  • Timeless design: Tuokio dishes feature a timeless and clear design based on Heikki Orvola's 24h series.
  • Artistic pattern: The Tuokio pattern, designed by Harri Helorinne and Jarkko Kallio, mimics a hand-painted style, adding unique depth to the dishes.
  • Colour options: In addition to deep cobalt blue, stylish beige and vibrant red are also available.
  • Versatility: These easy-care dishes are designed for everyday use.
  • Compatibility: Tuokio dishes blend seamlessly with the 24h series tableware.