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Candles and candleholders add a warm, flickering touch to both long winter nights and summer evenings. When nestled in an elegant candleholder, a candle becomes both a source of light and a captivating design element for your dining table or mantelpiece. Explore our beautiful range of modern Scandinavian candles, candleholders and tealight holders!

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Enjoy the elegance of Scandinavian candles and candleholders

Step into a world where the flicker of a flame and the elegance of design harmonise to create an ambience of warmth and style. At Finnish Design Shop, we curate an exquisite collection of designer candles and candleholders that epitomize the serene beauty of Scandinavian design.

From the gentle glow of modern candles by HAY and Uyuni Lighting to the sculptural grace of designer candleholders by STOFF Copenhagen, glass votives by Iittala, scented candles by Skandinavisk and much more, our selection is a tribute to those magical moments where light dances and shadows play in the cosy corners of your home.

The perfect pair: How to pair candles with holders?

• Functionality first: While aesthetics are important, don't overlook practical aspects. Ensure the candleholder is appropriately sized for the candle and catches drips, especially for candles that will be lit frequently.

• Play with heights: It's not just about holding the candle; it's about elevating it! Create visual interest by pairing candles and holders of varying heights. Grouping different heights together makes a striking display – just ensure there's ample spacing between them.

• Color coordination: Coordinate the colours of your candles and holders to create a visually appealing tableau. You can opt for a monochromatic scheme for a minimalist setting or experiment with complementary colours for a vibrant and eye-catching display.

• Create a theme: For special occasions or seasonal decor, select candles and holders that contribute to a thematic setting, like metallic holders with red candles for a festive look or pink, yellow and other pastel shades for a springtime feel. 

Explore our collection of designer candles and candleholders

• Candles: Designer candles transcend simple illumination, turning everyday moments into magical experiences. Explore our variety, including eco-friendly natural wax candles, high-quality LED candles as well as creatively designed swirl and patterned candles!

Scented candles: Infuse your home with aromatic tales from Scandinavia and beyond. Our scented candles are a sensory journey to Nordic nature, each fragrance a new path to explore.

Candleholders: From minimalist marvels to intricate sculptures, our candleholders are statements of modern design, crafted to not only support candles but to stand as pieces of art in their own right.

Tealight holders: The unsung heroes of ambient lighting, our tealight holders are designed to cradle these tiny beacons of light, casting intricate patterns that dance on your walls.

Candle snuffers: Conclude your candlelit evenings with elegantly designed candle snuffers, which add a touch of ritual and grace to the simple act of extinguishing candles.

Discover modern candles and holders at Design Stories

Dive deeper into the world of candles and candleholders with our online magazine Design Stories. From tips on creating the perfect candlelit holiday feel to exploring the latest trends in Scandinavian candles and holders, Design Stories is here to inspire, inform, and ignite your imagination.

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