Pieces of Nordic Happiness

Pieces of Nordic Happiness

What makes a person happy? If you really want to know, ask someone living in the Nordic countries. After all, we’re the happiest people in the world – and we have studies to back that up*. So go ahead: ask. “What makes us happy?” Well, of course there’s Nordic equality, education, clean environment, nature and security – but, above all, the place we call home.

For us, the home is a special place. As you know the weather here doesn’t always favor sitting around in a piazza, and this has made us experts on homes and cozy living – ever heard of hygge, mys or sauna?

We don’t like materialism, but love aesthetics. We see less as more, and so everything, however small, should be chosen with care. Quality is not elitism, but sustainability.

It’s products like this we have selected in the world’s largest Nordic online design store. Here, you’ll find all the major designers, brands and design classics, but also interesting new products that suit the Nordic style.

Come in and find your own piece of Nordic happiness.

*World Happiness report 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024

Fast facts: Finnish Design Shop

  • World’s largest online store specialized in Nordic design
  • Founded in 2004
  • Official dealer of over 300 design brands that suit the Nordic lifestyle. For example Artek, Vitra, Muuto, Hay, Iittala and Marimekko
  • Only authentic products
  • Fast and safe shipping to over 180 countries
  • Head office, logistics centre and showroom located in Turku, Finland
  • Design Stories online magazine
  • Contract sales for companies and design professionals
  • Franckly.com, an online marketplace for pre-used design, developed and curated by Finnish Design Shop
Always open

Always open

We want to be a store that both customers and employees find effortless to enter. Equipped with an easily approachable attitude, we work together to ensure that as many as possible feel welcome within the world of design.

Licence to do

Licence to do

The best way to solve problems is to roll up one’s sleeves and get to work. We are able to learn and develop each day by trying out new things.



We are a community of professionals, whose work brings joy both to us and our customers. Our designs offer enduring happiness that lasts from one generation to the next.

The Story of Finnish Design Shop

Finnish design is known for its functionality and simplicity. However, finding Finnish design abroad hasn’t always been that simple. That’s why in 2004 we came up with an idea of an online store, which would sell big and small Finnish design goods all around the world. We also had a simple and functional name in mind: Finnish Design Shop. From day one, the products needed to meet two requirements: excellent design and top notch quality.

Even though back then online shopping wasn’t exactly mainstream, fans of Finnish design were quick to find our store. In the beginning, we operated from a space the size of a small studio, where packing and distribution also took place. After a few years, products from all over Scandinavia were added to the selection based on customer demand. High quality and excellent design were still held on to. We also kept the name, Finnish Design Shop, since our warehouse and offices are located in Finland.

As our selection broadened, new design lovers found our store and helped us grow into the world’s largest online store specialized in Nordic design. Our founder and CEO since the beginning, Teemu Kiiski, is still in charge of our business. Nowadays we are also part of A-lehdet Group with A-lehdet media house, which has inspired us to publish Design Stories – our very own online magazine.

In 2015, we established the Finnish Design Shop Contract Sales to serve companies and design professionals all over the world. And in autumn 2019, our design family expanded with a new service: Franckly.com, developed and curated by the Finnish Design Shop team, is an online marketplace for pre-used design.

Today we have loyal customers in over 100 countries and counting. We have grown into a team of over 130 employees, which means that our CEO doesn’t have to spend his time packing deliveries anymore. Except maybe during Christmas when it gets busy.

Kind words

”If clean lines and minimal color palettes are your happy place, the Nordic-focused Finnish Design Shop will have something (in fact, many things) that will catch your eye. From bold Marimekko patterns to wood-forward furniture, this online shop covers all corners of the home. With new products and collaborations coming in on a regular basis, it’s a great place to bookmark for your next move, or for when you want to treat yourself to some on-trend decor.”

Clever, 2023

”Happiness,’ sometimes it’s a light word and used like it’s only a smile on a face,” Teemu Kiiski, the chief executive of Finnish Design Shop, said. “But I think that this Nordic happiness is something more foundational.”

The New York Times, 2023: The Finnish Secret to Happiness? Knowing When You Have Enough.

”Finnish Design Shop is the world’s largest online store of Nordic design. The new building, the headquarters of the company, comprises a logistics center delivering products to over one hundred countries, a showroom, and a restaurant.”

ArchDaily, 2023

”The online Nordic design store has sought both an authentic atmosphere for employees and a striking connection to nature for visitors in the new space. An emphasis on preserving forest biodiversity results in the Finnish Design Shop compensating for its carbon emissions by buying and preserving forest in Finland.”

Wallpaper, 2023

”Finnish Design Shop – a multi-brand online retailer which sells internationally – is seeing annual growth with an average of 40 per cent, and the new homebase was planned to help the company scale its operations in a sustainable way. While state-of-the-art technology is present onsite, nature takes centre stage in the design, mediating the stresses of busy work life.”

Frame, 2023

”Travelers can tap into their inner creative through various activities, including visiting iconic Finnish designer Alvar Aalto’s home and studio outside Helsinki, browsing the flagship Finnish Design Shop in Turku, and exploring the range of art museums and outdoor art dotted throughout the country.”

Forbes, 2023: 5 Reasons to Visit the Happiest Country in the World

”The values that life in the Nordic countries is based on include transparency, equality and respect for nature,” said CEO Teemu Kiiski. “It would have been impossible to create this company and our new logistics centre without unwavering respect for these values.”

Dezeen, 2022

“Finnish Design Shop offers a wide selection of Finnish and Nordic design, including home décor items, lighting and kitchen accessories. The assortment also contains larger pieces of furniture, such as chairs, dining tables and sofas. The company has made great strides in ensuring that placing an order is as effortless as possible for the customer.”

Helsingin Sanomat, 2021

Finnish design is known for its functionality and simplicity but it's not particularly accessible in Australia. Finnish Design Shop is a great way to get your hands on great design. As the world's largest online store specialising in Nordic design you can find over 190 design brands that suit the Nordic lifestyle including Artek, Vitra, Muuto, Hay, Iittala and Marimekko.”

Homes to Love, 2020

Finnish Design Shop is our go-to for the best modern furnishings and housewares from Northern Europe.”

Dwell, 2019

“Minimalists, Rejoice—We Found Your New Favorite Online Shop. Enter Finnish Design Shop: a collective online shop that holds the best of Scandinavian design.”

MyDomaine, 2017

“Our Favorite Online Shop for All Things Hygge: From the classic designers and iconic brands to lacquered oak chairs and the sleekest smoke alarms you've ever seen, the Finnish Design Shop has all the things a hygge-lover could want — and more.”

The Kitch, 2017

“Founded in 2004 as a go-to e-tailer for the best Nordic designs, the site offers a wonderful, hand-picked mix of classics from icons and up-and-coming designers alike.” 

The Financial Times 2015, How to Spend it

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