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Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone

Carl Hansen & Søn’s Wishbone chair blends mid-modern Danish design with exquisite craftsmanship. Designed by Hans J. Wegner and made in Denmark since 1950, the Wishbone collection exemplifies sustainability and elegance. Wishbone dining chairs, known for their hand-woven seats and distinctive Y-shaped backs, come in a range of different finishes.

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Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Søn

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The Wishbone chair by Carl Hansen & Søn: A timeless blend of style and craftsmanship

Discover the timeless allure of Carl Hansen & Søn’s iconic Wishbone chair collection. Steeped in history and designed by the renowned Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, the Wishbone chair, also known as CH24, is an icon of Danish mid-century modern design. Since 1950, each piece has been lovingly crafted by Carl Hansen & Søn, showcasing an unrivaled dedication to quality and aesthetic.

CH24 Wishbone – Handcrafted elegance meets sustainability

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable elegance with the Wishbone collection. Each Wishbone chair is a testament to the sustainable design principles, meticulously handcrafted from wood and paper cord in Denmark. With over 100 steps in its creation, mostly done by hand, the Wishbone chair exemplifies traditional craftsmanship. The hand-woven seat, made from 120 meters of paper cord, highlights the commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

In which colours and finishes is the Wishbone chair available?

The Wishbone chair is crafted in a range of colours and finishes, with classic options including natural wood finishes like oiled oak, soaped oak, and oiled teak, as well as lacquered variations, like black and red. The Wishbone chairs have also been launched in limited colour editions, such as in hues designed by Ilse Crawford to celebrate the 70 years of the Wishbone collection.

How was the Wishbone chair named?

The Wishbone chair was named after its Y-shaped backrest, resembling a wishbone of a bird. The name derives from an old Italian tradition where people make a wish and pull apart a wishbone, believing the one with the larger piece will have their wish granted.

Why should I buy the Wishbone chair?

• Iconic Danish design: Own a piece of design history with the iconic Wishbone chair, a symbol of Danish mid-century modern aesthetics.
• Unmatched craftsmanship: Each wooden chair is a masterpiece, with over 100 handcrafted steps ensuring unparalleled quality and durability.
• Elegant comfort: Experience seating comfort in a class of its own, with the elegant, steam-bent Y-shaped back offering both style and support.
• Sustainable choice: Embrace eco-friendly living with sustainable design choices, including the use of natural and renewable materials.
• PSF sustainability rating: Excellent – read more about Finnish Design Shop’s Product Sustainability Framework.

Get inspired by Wishbone chairs

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