The Hetkinen Happy Holidays veggie wax candle burns with a beautiful flickering flame created by its natural aspen wood wick. The soft crackle of the flame evokes images of the gentle glow of a fireplace or a campfire in the woods. A wooden wick candle is a bit more demanding than a traditional one, but the atmosphere it creates is totally worth it.

The candle is crafted from rapeseed wax and soy wax so it burns purely and with no harmful emissions, spreading a soft scent of smoked wood with hints of Finnish fir resin, cinnamon, clove, mandarin and vetiver. When you’re done burning the candle, you can reuse the jar for example in the bathroom for storing cotton swabs or reusable cotton pads.

Veggie wax candle, Happy Holidays




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Glass, pine, aspen wood wick

Mona Isotupa

Mona Isotupa is the founder and CEO of Finnish natural cosmetics brand Hetkinen. In 2017, she won the FDS Award, a design competition organised by Finnish Design Shop, with her unique Pine lip balm concept, which since has grown into a whole line of ecological skincare products.

Mona Isotupa is not just a talented designer and wood artisan, but also a committed nature lover: all Hetkinen skincare products are vegan and cruelty-free and manufactured with methods and ingredients that do not put a strain on the environment.

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Hetkinen Wood wick trimmer, black

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