Marimekko’s Pyykki fabric is perfected with Jenni Tuominen's lighthearted pattern. Combining a paper collage technique and hand-painted brushstrokes, the pattern draws its inspiration from laundry (pyykki in Finnish) hung outside to dry, swaying softly in the summer breeze. 

The Pyykki fabric, made of cotton and linen, is printed in Helsinki, Finland. Please note that in a cotton-linen fabric, the print dye is absorbed in the fabric differently than in a 100% cotton fabric – the surface, therefore, feels a little harder.

Our tips for buying fabrics:

  • This fabric is sold by the repeat. Repeat refers to the distance between the repeating pattern elements.
  • The repeat in this fabric is 88 cm.
  • Add the number of repeats you require into the Quantity box (in this fabric, 1 = 88 cm, 2 = 176 cm, etc.)
  • The fabric is delivered in one continuous length.

Pyykki cotton-linen fabric, white - blue - brown - green




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57% cotton, 43% linen

Jenni Tuominen

Jenni Tuominen (born 1976) comes from Porvoo, Finland and is an illustrator and artist. She has graduated as a blacksmith in 1996 and as an artist/printmaker in 2001. Tuominen has studied graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

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