LYFA's Mosaik floor lamp is a luminaire classic designed by Bent Karlby in 1959. Its design is based on two elements: a conical shade and a decorative brass tube that connects the shade to the base. The cone directs most of the light downwards, but the open top allows a small stream of light to be directed towards the ceiling or wall.

The playful brass details of the Mosaik floor lamp are very typical of designer Bent Karlby, but the clear geometric shape differed significantly from the organic forms of his early career. Despite its simplistic look, the Mosaik luminaire collection was, indeed, quite bold at the time of its creation and was specifically designed for the most modern homes of the era. Today, however, the beautifully minimalist Mosaik luminaires easily find their place in any private residence as well as restaurants, cafés and other public spaces.

Mosaik floor lamp, black




2–6 weeks


Matt painted steel, brass

Bent Karlby

Bent Karlby (1912–1998) was a Danish designer known especially for his lighting fixtures – he is considered one of the most prolific and versatile Danish lighting designers of the 20th century. Many of Karlby’s luminaires are based on various organic shapes and indirect light often complete with details, such as peepholes, that filter the light softly pleasantly. Towards the end of his career, however, he also designed several luminaires with clear geometry and simple functionality. Karlby collaborated with the Danish brand LYFA for over 40 years, and he is perhaps best known for the lighting creations he designed for the brand.

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