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Pilke Lights

Pilke Lights is a Finnish lighting brand focusing on sustainable wooden designs that combine traditional handicraft techniques with innovative technologies. With designs inspired by Finnish forests, the brand aims to create meaningful designs that last from one generation to another – classics of tomorrow. Pilke is best known for the Pilke Signature Collection designed by Tuukka Halonen and crafted from Finnish plywood.

Pilke Lights was originally founded in 2003 by Tuula Hocksell and Leena Liedenpohja, but, since 2021, Pilke has been part of Swedish design brand Maze Interior. The company focuses on sustainability and “Slow Production”, a concept that is inspired by the global Slow Food movement and supports the use of local materials and know-how – Pilke Lights is truly a perfect addition to Maze’s brand portfolio.

This brand has collaborated with: Tuukka Halonen

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25 products

Pilke 28 table lamp, birch


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Pilke 18 wall lamp, birch


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