Mariona Raventós

Mariona Raventós (b.1955) is a Spanish designer whose intricately designed lamps and furniture are an integral part of Spanish design. Raventós graduated from the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona and teamed up with architect Jordi Miralbell. The duo founded their first studio, M&J design, with a focus on interior and graphic design in 1979. 

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As their horizons broadened, they created their own brand, Neoseries, in 1986 and designed lighting and furniture. A few years later, Neoseries joined design manufacturer Santa & Cole, and Miralbell and Raventós continued their work there together as partners, designers, and curators. Raventós’ handprint is characterized by precise technical know-how and the ability to create an unforgettable, poetic design from simple elements. Raventós is known to have said that "Design is the art of making the utilitarian into a desired thing, into human warmth, into something generated by man.”