Lievore Altherr

Lievore Altherr is a design agency founded by Alberto Lievore (born 1948) and Jeannette Altherr (b. 1965). The Barcelona-based duo's versatile portfolio includes a variety of projects in the design field ranging from product design and development to strategy, artistic and creative direction, and architecture.

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Lievore, who was born in Argentina, and Altherr, born in Germany, describe their way of working as holistic, humanistic and always focused on the basics. Their work is characterized by a certain sensitivity, harmony and balance. Lievore Altherr has also worked together with Manel Molina as well as Delphine Désile and Dennis Park in various designer ensembles. They have been working as a duo under the name Lievore Altherr since 2016.