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The Muuto tables charm with their simplistic Danish style and robust design that stands the test of time. Finnish Design Shop's selection includes beautiful Muuto tables by awarded international designers. Have a look at our selection and shop a new Muuto table for your home with fast, worldwide delivery!

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Our collection of Muuto tables charms with traditional Scandinavian design viewed through a new lens. The Muuto table range at Finnish Design Shop offers new perspectives for the modern home. Every Muuto table is designed to bring positivity and a sense of space to a room—creating places to breathe, think and just be in a busy world. Browse Muuto coffee tables, side tables and dining tables—their timeless, sleek silhouettes are a perfect expression of beautiful but playful functionality, for spaces that make you want to linger.

Muuto coffee tables for a joyful home

The striking forms and luxurious materials used in Muuto coffee tables challenge design boundaries without dominating a space. The bold often simple designs in materials like stained oak and marble are easy to place within a room and have a low-key playfulness which can’t help but delight. Muuto coffee, side, and end tables offer eye-catching surfaces to rest your coffee, or display flowers, books and photos.

Gather round a Muuto dining table 

The apparent artlessness of Muuto’s round and rectangular dining tables belie the innovation and design effort poured into them. Made from exceptional quality woods like birch and oak – often combined innovatively with materials including linoleum or metal – Muuto dining tables offer a simple elegance that’s heightened by the addition of eye-catching, elevated details. The simplicity of the Muuto dining table range can be deceiving—and their neat, expressive designs are destined to create beautiful dining experiences in your home. With petite and larger tables to choose from, you’ll find a Muuto table that suits and optimises your space. Put your own stamp on your dining area with comfortable, beautifully made chairs, and complete your tablescape with original Scandinavian table linen.

Muuto Linear Steel Tables for your outside room

You can make the most of your outside space with the Muuto Linear Steel series which creates welcoming, convivial spaces for family get-togethers and evenings with friends. These elegant tables paired with cosy benches offer the perfect spot for socialising. Find your garden furniture inspiration in our Design Stories blog article on the Linear Steel series designed by Thomas Bentzen.