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A dining table is a cornerstone of any home, bringing people together daily to share good food and company. Whether you’re in search of a sleek, contemporary dining table or a classic wooden dining table, Finnish Design Shop offers an extensive array of designer dining tables from the finest Scandinavian brands!

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Finnish Design Shop’s selection of dining tables includes timeless Scandinavian tables for homes of all sizes. We have curated a beautiful collection of dining table designs ranging from early 1900s classics to mid-century marvels and the latest novelties of contemporary Nordic design. Our most popular dining table designs include the bent L-leg dining tables designed by Alvar Aalto for Artek in the 1930s as well as modern dining table designs by the Danish brands HAY, Muuto and Audo Copenhagen.

Once you’ve found the dining table you like, it is time to choose the dining chairs to match. Welcome to shop with us!

How to choose a new dining table?

When on the hunt for a new dining table, give thought to its dimensions, shape, materials and colour palette.

1. Start with shapes: Dining tables come in various shapes – rectangle, square, round, or oval. Choose what fits your style and dining space. Ensure there’s enough room for comfortable seating, allowing your chairs to move freely without any obstructions.

2. Material matters: Decide on the material that suits your taste – wood, metal, or perhaps a luxurious stone tabletop, such as marble. Solid wood ages well with occasional refinishing, while veneer offers a lighter alternative. You can also opt for laminate for easy maintenance or natural linoleum for its unique patina.

3. Colour options: Beyond natural finishes, our dining tables come in classic colours such as black, white and grey. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your dining space, you might want to explore more vibrant colours, such as green or red dining tables.

4. Look at the legs: In addition to traditional four-legged dining tables, you'll also find in our selection elegant single-legged tables and foldable tables that compactly fit small spaces. For those who value versatility in decor, you can even assemble your unique dining table by combining separately available trestle legs with a tabletop of your choice.

What size should a dining table be?

Dining tables invite people to gather together to enjoy good food and the company of family and friends. Therefore, a dining table should be large enough to seat not only the members of your household but your guests as well. Ideally, there should be at least 60 cm of space for each seated person, with an additional 70 cm of empty space around each side of the table.

While a large dining table can effortlessly accommodate grand gatherings, smaller tables can still host a lively crowd. Extendable dining tables with separate extension leaves quickly transform to suit larger groups. Many households opt for two dining tables: a smaller one, perhaps a high bar table, for casual everyday meals in the kitchen, and a larger dining table for the living room or dining area.

Round or rectangular dining table?

Both round and rectangular dining tables have their unique advantages. When contemplating the shape of a dining table, let the room’s layout guide your choice.

• A round dining table allows diners can easily see each other, and there are no sharp corners to worry about. The circular shape is aesthetically pleasing to many, and it’s easy to create a cosy spot around it. A round table works best in the centre of the room – if you’d like to place a round table next to a wall, a half-circle dining table could be what you’re looking for.

• A long, rectangular dining table can accommodate a large number of guests – yet, it also allows diners to sit close to each other in a more intimate setting for smaller gatherings. The rectangular shape is often the natural choice for a narrow and elongated dining space, and you can easily place the rectangular table against a wall.

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