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Turn on the floor lamp, sit down and let yourself be absorbed by a good book. Floor lamps are cosy and excellent reading lights, and in smaller spaces, they can even be used for general lighting. Thanks to their height, floor lamps add a sculptural feeling to the room. Take a look at our selection and find your favourite floor lamp!

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Modern floor lamps for creating unique atmospheres

Welcome to our enchanting world of Nordic floor lamps, where style meets functionality. At Finnish Design Shop, we curate a stunning collection of modern floor lamps that embody the essence of Scandinavian design principles.

Our range includes iconic 20th-century designer floor lamps and contemporary pieces from Nordic and Scandinavian brands, ranging from low and high floor lamps to Scandinavian torchiere lamps, tripod lamps and modern arc floor lamps. Browse classic mid-century floor lamps by Artek, GUBI, Louis Poulsen, Nemo Lighting and Sammode or immerse yourself in contemporary floor lamps by New Works, HAY and other favourites.

How to use floor lamps in home decor?

Floor lamps can add visual interest and create different lighting effects in a space. Taller floor lamps with sculptural silhouettes can create captivating lighting effects, adding depth and visual interest to your living spaces, and gracefully curving arc lamps can be used to cast light over areas like a dining table. Consider placing floor lamps strategically next to armchairs or sofas to illuminate reading nooks or to cast a soft, ambient glow in dimly lit corners. Incorporating floor lamps alongside existing ceiling lights and wall lamps can elevate the ambience of your rooms while offering practical lighting solutions.

When selecting modern floor lamps, consider the unique lighting effects they offer and how they complement your space. Also think about the features you desire in your new lamp: traditional floor lamps often have simpler functions, whereas modern floor lamps may offer a host of useful technical features, including dimmers, touch switches, built-in LED sources and timers. The choice between functional and decorative designs depends on the size and intended use of the room – whether you seek a focal point or a subtle accent, the right floor lamp can elevate your home decor to new heights. 

Designer floor lamps in a palette of colours and materials

• Touch of timber: Wooden floor lamps bring a slice of nature into your home, setting the stage for a welcoming, cosy vibe.

• Metallic gleam: Whether it's the sleek look of steel or the warm glow of brass, metallic floor lamps shine with their durable construction and radiant finish.

• Charm with fabric or paper: Floor lamps topped with fabric or paper shades cast a soft, diffused light, creating a serene ambience.

• Neutral tones: A black or white floor lamp stands as a timeless classic, effortlessly fitting into any decor. Beige and grey floor lamps, too, blend seamlessly into an understated minimalist theme.

• Splash of colour: Brighten up a corner with a bright blue, yellow or red floor lamp, a cheerful accent that spreads jovial vibes throughout the room.

Floor lamps for direct and indirect illumination

• Soft diffused light: For pleasantly soft light, choose a designer floor lamp with a diffused shade, perhaps an opal glass shade, fabric shade or a Japanese-style paper lantern.

• Direct spotlight: If you require a focused spotlight for reading or working, consider a floor lamp with an adjustable shade and flexible arm, such as an industrial-style floor lamp or a contemporary LED task lamp.

• Bright general light: Your floor lamp can complement the existing ambience lighting or even serve as a primary light source, potentially replacing your ceiling light, especially if the bulb emits sufficient brightness to reflect light off the ceiling and walls. 

Explore the world of Scandinavian floor lamps

Dive into the articles of our online magazine, Design Stories, and uncover the endless possibilities that floor lamps offer in transforming your living spaces.

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