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Use table lamps to create a cozy ambiance in different areas of your home. Our stylish table lamps can also serve as reading lights, desk lights, and even as a room’s principal light source. Choose a light from our wide selection of designer table lamps and transform your interiors with Finnish Design Shop.

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Designer table lamps & reading lamps

Our table lamps and reading lamps offer stylish and practical design features to enhance both the beauty and comfort of your home. As well as offering multiple lighting effects, from soft to bright, our Scandinavian table lamps add decorative or sculptural touches to beautify your spaces. Explore our lighting collection to discover table lamps to light up your interiors and complement your other furniture and decorative objects.

Table lamps by Nordic and Scandi design brands

Finnish Design Shop’s range includes beautiful Nordic table lamps in contemporary and traditional styles from renowned brands like Artek, Louis Poulsen, Design House Stockholm, and Secto Design. Along with designs by Alvar Aalto, Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (designer of the well-loved Double Bubble lamp), Audo Copenhagen, &Tradition, and New Works.

Our selection of table lamps ranges from small table lamps for accent lighting to larger eye-catching designs and premium quality desk lamps. And don’t forget that a beautiful designer table lamp or floor lamp also makes a wonderful gift idea when you want to offer a timeless and functional gift.

How to choose a table lamp design

The color of your table lamp can follow the style of your home decor or contrast with the rest of the interior if it pleases your eye. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – choose a color that resonates with you and lifts your mood.

Lampshades made of paper or resin are great options for giving the light a gentle, diffused glow. In general, we recommend choosing a diffused lampshade for soft mood lighting and a lamp with direct, non-diffused light when you’re looking for a table lamp for reading or working.

Key things to consider:

Desk lamps usually have adjustable arms and adjustable lampshades so you can direct light where you want it. Diffused glass or delicate paper lampshades are most suited to creating soft mood lighting. Many modern table lamps have a range of technical features, like touch dimmer switches, timers, or rechargeable batteries. For bedside table lamps, a dimmer switch is handy for adjusting between bright and soft light with ease. ‘Touch’ bedside table lamps are easier to turn on in the dark. Many of our cordless or portable lamps are versatile enough to use both indoors and outdoors. Our range of outdoor lamps includes elegant patio table lamps and other smaller weatherproof Scandinavian lamps suitable for outdoor use. Lampshade color: Light-colored lampshades produce brighter light. Dark-colored lampshades produce dimmer light.

Where to place a table lamp

When the aim is to create a cozy atmosphere with soft, diffused light, place table lamps anywhere in the room where you’d like to add a soft glow. Place table lamps on window ledges, bedside tables, shelves, sideboards, and anywhere else with a flat surface suitable for a table lamp. Think about whether you’d like to direct the soft glow from a table lamp onto a decorative object. It’s a lovely way to draw attention to a particularly lovely object or artwork. And one last tip – if you place a table lamp next to a mirror it will increase the intensity of the light.