Vitra chairs

Vitra chairs are known for their Swiss quality, functional design and exquisite style. In our online store, you'll find a large selection of Vitra chairs ranging from mid-century classics to fresh, contemporary pieces. Take a look at our collection and find your new Vitra chair at Finnish Design Shop!

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Manufacturer: Vitra

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Vitra chairs–Swiss design with personality

The characteristic shapes and iconic appeal of Vitra chairs means they’re celebrated around the world as pieces for homes, offices and other spaces. While Vitra is a Swiss design brand famous for its bold mid-century style–including the famous Vitra Eames chair and cantilever Vitra Panton chair–you’ll also find lots of Vitra chairs in newer styles that work well in modern homes and spaces.

Vitra office chairs­­ for stylish, comfortable workspaces

When you pick out a famous Vitra office chair for your office– whether at home or a larger workspace–you’re investing in ergonomic design made to the highest standards. Vitra office chairs let you experience long-lasting comfort at your desk through their unique blend of high-quality materials and the newest technologies.

Slow down and enjoy in a Vitra lounge chair

Vitra lounge chairs are light, laidback and lovely. Their versatile, comfortable style is counterbalanced by their beautifully clean and simple silhouettes and lightweight modern materials. Available in a range of colours, the timeless dynamic of Vitra lounge chairs make them a welcome addition to almost any space. Sleek and understated upholstered Vitra armchairs are often chosen for public or smaller spaces. Wonderfully neat and deceptively simple, Vitra armchairs offer a fresh slice of comfort without dominating or attention grabbing. The perfect expression of confident, unshowy style.

Vitra textiles build style and texture

The Vitra textiles range allows you to build layers of texture and colour. Blankets for warmth, cushions for comfort and quirky knitted Vitra ottoman pieces which introduce an irresistibly laidback vibe into a room. When you’re not resting anything on them, their sculptural fun form makes them an unforgettable feature.
You can find out more about this rightly celebrated brand in our Design Stores blog post looking at a fascinating film and book about the historical relevance and influence of Vitra chairs.