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Dining room chairs in combination with a dining table form the essential meal setup and are often a focal point in the home. As such, contemporary dining chairs need to be durable, comfortable, and versatile combining style with thoughtful, functional design. Our selection of designer dining chairs includes both classic shapes and new designs from top Nordic and international brands known for quality furniture design. At Finnish Design Shop you’ll find a variety of Scandi dining chairs to elevate your home décor and encourage moments of togetherness.

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GUBI dining chairs

Designer dining chairs for a welcoming home

Finnish Design Shop has curated a large selection of Scandinavian dining chairs ranging from iconic 20th-century dining chairs to contemporary designs. Whether you have a large 10-seater table or fold-away table for two, you need enough dining chairs to seat everyone at Thanksgiving dinner or on game night. Since dining chairs often get a lot of use, they need to be robust as well as decorative, encourage an upright seated posture, and be adapted to people of various ages, heights, and weights. Exceptional dining chairs are designed to keep all our friends and family comfortable and encourage togetherness—those moments when we come together to eat, chat, do a little work, play a game, or just spend time together at the table.

Browse our wide selection of timeless Scandi dining chairs

Finnish Design Shop has selected designer dining chairs with high-quality designs in a range of styles and materials. You’ll find all types of dining chairs, from minimalist brushed steel dining chairs and upholstered leather dining armchairs, to crafted Scandinavian wood chairs. We have everything you need to help you create different interior moods, from modern industrial to more traditional, warm, and cozy environments.

Look for chairs that blend with the rest of your home décor or create striking contrasts. We have dining chairs in bold colors for adding accents to dining areas as well as all your essential neutral shades. Consider mixing chairs of different styles and colors for an eclectic look or choose elegant tone-on-tone combinations and emphasize textures.

Dining chair styles:

• Upholstered leather and fabric chairs
• Swivel chairs
• Stackable chairs
• Wingback chairs
• Woven chairs

Nordic dining chairs for durability and comfort

The best dining chairs are a balanced combination of functional qualities and aesthetics, designed to stand the test of time, both in terms of structure and appearance. Chairs in our collection are crafted in durable materials, like steel and oak to last many years to come.

Modern dining chairs in natural and noble materials

The most common Scandinavian dining chair materials include wood, metal, plastic, rattan, and different combinations of the four. The seat might be upholstered in fabric, leather, or velvet, or woven from linen. Finnish Design Shop offers dining chairs in many materials and styles so that you can find what you need to suit your spaces, you will also find the best furniture care products to keep them looking as new for longer time.

Popular Scandi dining chair materials:

Wood – natural material for timeless and cozy interiors, durable and easy-to-clean
Rattan – natural woven material for cozy interiors, very lightweight
Metal – for a modern, urban, industrial feel, durable and easy maintenance

Top dining chairs from Finnish designers

Aalto chair 66 for Artek
Domus chairs by Ilmari Tapiovaara
Hee chairs and About a Chair AAC12 by HAY
The Visu Chair by Muuto

10 unique dining chairs by Nordic and international designers

1. GUBI's Beetle chair in black metal, oak, and brown leather. A playful design based on the anatomy of beetles.
2. The charming Bollo chair designed by Andreas Engesvik, combining clean lines with unparalleled coziness and upholstered cushions.
3. Grythyttan Stålmöbler's High Tech Chair designed by Nils "Nisse" Strinning. A minimalist, stackable steel chair suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
4. Jørgen Bækmark's spindled armchair in blue The J104 dining chair. In solid beachwood, a comfortable dining chair produced by HAY.
5. The iconic, distinctive Magis' Chair One desigmed by Konstantin Grcicin 2003. It has a seat constructed of polygonal flat planes.
6. The Kendo chair by Hem with an uphostered, cup-shaped seat and 360-degree rotating aluminium swivel base.
7. Vitra's Panton chair reflecting the experimental design mentality of the 1960's–the first chair made of a single piece of plastic.
8. Carl Hansen & Søn's BM1106 (or Huntsman chair) designed by Børge Mogensen inspired by hunting lodges.
9. The Uncino chair highlights the beauty of ash wood's natural grain, designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Mattiazzi.
10. The The Alu chair by valerie_objects designed for the 2015 Milan World Fair. A playful, colourful, lightweight and extremely durable chair.