Outdoor furniture that you can’t get enough of – introducing 7 beautiful indoor-friendly outdoor designs

The best outdoor furniture is durable enough to weather the fickle summer weather but as they last from season to season their design must also stand the test of time. We chose seven irresistibly beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture, that might in fact find their way into your living room. 

Emu's Nova armchair and chair outside.
Emu's Nova chair is available both with armrests and without.

1. Emu: Nova armchair

Emu's Nova armchair features a minimalist but quite characteristic form created by the softly bent shapes of the steel frame and the light and airy seat crafted from woven steel. Designed by iconic Italian designer Aldo Ciabatti the Nova chair represents his ideals of harmony and functionality.

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Skagerak's Lilium bench against a turquoise background.
Skagerak's Lilium collection draws inspiration from the wooden piers and blooming lilypads in Aalborg, Denmark.

2. Skagerak: Lilium bench

Skagerak's Lilium bench is part of the Lilium collection created in collaboration with the Bjaerke Ingels Group. The modern outdoor furniture made from stainless steel and teak is as perfect for both indoors and out. The Lilium bench makes a delightfully distinctive addition to the dining area but it can just as well be used as a low side table for houseplants, books, and decorative objects.

Skagerak's Lilium bench >
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Vitran All Plastic Chair -tuoli keittiössä.
Vitra's All Plastic Chair is durable and timeless, making it a perfect fit for all household needs.

3. Vitra: All plastic Chair 

Vitra's All Plastic Chair is a versatile and ergonomic seat, perfected with subtle details that make the seat impressive yet simple. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the compact and sturdy chair can be used outdoors, but it's also a perfect choice for the dining table – or maybe even for the bathroom!

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Ferm Living's Desert Lounge chairs outside.
Ferm Living's Desert lounge chair is ideal for reading a good book or dozing off for an afternoon siesta, be it under the sun or indoors.

4. Ferm Living: Desert lounge chair

Ferm Living's Desert lounge chair invites relaxation. The slender metal frame and the gorgeous interchangeable fabric seat made from recycled plastic bottles create a stylish yet equally comfortable ensemble. Earthy tones and fresh patterns give the minimalist chair an invigorating touch.

Ferm Living's Desert lounge chair >
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Muuton Linear Steel -pöytä ja penkit sisätiloissa.
Muuto's Linear Steel tables and benches are a comfortable match.

5. Muuto: Linear Steel table

Muuto's Linear Steel collection features tables and benches crafted from galvanized steel and Aluzinc-treated steel. Finished with elegant matt shades the streamlined furniture is designed to hold up in any kind of weather, but their relaxed look also brings the summer sun indoors.

Muuto's Linear Steel table >
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Nuori nainen istuu Menun WM String -nojatuolissa ulkona.
Menu's WM String chair is available in black and white.

7. Menu: WM String lounge chair

Menu's WM String lounge chair was created by the Dutch design duo Studio WM: Wendy Legron and Maarten Collignon. The graceful chair does not demand attention, nor will it be left unnoticed. The wide backrest makes the steel chair surprisingly comfortable while creating an exciting silhouette.

Menu's WM String lounge chair >
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Hayn Palissade-pöytä, -tuolit, ja -rahi mökin terassilla.
Hay's Palissade seats and tables can be endlessly and effortlessly combined.

6. Hay: Palissade

The Palissade collection by Hay has in a short time become a true modern classic. The interplay between carefully considered contrasts created by the softly bent steel, the sturdy yet airy form, and the geometric lines together with the organic shapes make a lasting impression. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec the timeless Palissade collection will last from season to season.

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Text: Mira Ahola Images: Manufacturers

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