Avotakka’s lighting picks: “I appreciate compact lamps that can be used both indoors and outdoors”

Avotakka’s Editor-in-Chief Kari-Otso Nevaluoma selected six light, simple and impressive lamps that bring joy to darkening fall evenings. Some of the lamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as patios and balconies.

Menu Carrie LED table lamp, bronzed brass - leather

1. Portable and stylish

“I appreciate compact and cordless lamps that produce ambient light and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s nice that such lamps are launched quite frequently. However, so far only few of them have met my criteria in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

Menu’s rechargeable Carrie table lamp catches my eye with its refined elegance. I can already see myself grabbing a Carrie from the living-room table and walking outside with it to enjoy the evening. I love to stay in the garden even after the evening has started to get colder.

The lantern-like model designed by Norm Architects consists of high-quality components: a white opal-glass dome, bronzed brass base and a handle with a leather detail that gives the lamp a luxurious finishing touch.”

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Fermob Balad lamp 25 cm, red ochre

2. Delight of parties

“Only laziness prevents me from throwing garden parties or even small get-togethers. As soon as I manage to pull myself together, I’ll grab some delicate, small Balad lamps by Fermob and hang them here and there, perhaps even on tree branches. The thing is that Balad lamps look their best when grouped or placed in surprising locations.

The fact that the color temperature can be adjusted makes the lamps even more appealing. The color temperature options include neutral, cool and warm white. The LED light source is rechargeable, and according to the manufacturer, the battery lasts 14 hours on a single charge. Thus, the lamp is perfect for comfort-loving persons who appreciate the ease of use.

“When the time comes to move the socializing indoors, it’s easy to grab a Balad or few with you.”

When the time comes to move the socializing indoors, it’s easy to grab a Balad or few with you. This way, the atmosphere remains magical and memorable.”

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By Lassen Light'In lantern, small, black

3. There’s always room for a lantern

“All due respect to advances in technology. However, in the end, nothing beats the warm glow of a real candle. It’s just quite difficult to find the perfect lantern. Many of the designs are either too rustic or simple for my taste, or too flimsy or heavy. By Lassen’s Light’In lantern is perfect in terms of design and functionality.

The shape of the lantern designed by Danish Søren Lassen is simple yet refined, and what is best, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, unlike so many other lanterns.

The angular metal frame contains a glass lantern that can accommodate both tealights and pillar candles. To create an even more delightful sight, group the Light’In lanterns, as they are available in three sizes.”

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HAY Matin table lamp, large, yellow

4. A touch of French elegance

“French Inga Sempé is one of my favorite designers. Her collection of delicate Matin lamps with their pleated shades has become immensely popular due to its extremely trendy design that combines two completely opposing elements. The stand is geometric, slender and modern, whereas the pleats of the shade, which is made of cotton fabric laminated to a PVC sheet, reflect classic interior design ideals. This fall, the Matin collection manufactured by HAY will be supplemented with new models that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

“All I need to do now is decide the color I want. Bold yellow or something a little more subdued?”

This means that I will no longer have to look at the empty spot for a lamp on the boarded ceiling of the bedroom in my holiday home. It only took about ten years to get to that point. All I need to do now is decide the color I want. Bold yellow or something a little more subdued?”

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DCW éditions In The Sun 270 wall/ceiling lamp, gold - gold

5. Regal Sun

“Another French lamp also caught my eye, and it’s fascinating not only because of its design but also because of its story. When mounted on the wall or ceiling, the lamp produces an almost regal glow, which is no wonder, as the In The Sun wall lamp by DCW éditions was originally designed in 2016 for the Dufour Pavilion at the Palace of Versailles, built by the Sun King Louis XIV of France.

I’m particularly fascinated by the fact that the sunniness is not only embodied in the name or even the luxurious design of the lamp. The lamp consists of a round steel base and a classic, elegantly bent metal-mesh shade, and when switched on, it creates a halo resembling sunlight.”

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Skultuna BK.FLWR candleholder, brass

6. Romantic twinkle

“Now that we’re on the subject of royalty, let’s continue on it. Swedish Skultuna is the world’s oldest manufacturer of interior design products: the company, which started a brass foundry, was founded by King Charles IX in 1607. Today, the company utilizes several international designers and design studios, including Bernadotte & Kylberg, the former of which is also known as Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. The duo has designed the brass candleholder BK.FLWR, which looks charming with its romantic and delicate shapes.

The designers have told that the shape of the object was inspired by the magical atmosphere of Swedish forests, and the brass ornaments surrounding the candleholder are, indeed, reminiscent of wildflowers growing along a verdant forest path. To me, they also look like the wings of fairies.

Like brass objects in general, this candleholder will also patinate and get darker over time and use.”

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Kari-Otso Nevaluoma

Kari-Otso Nevaluoma, Editor-in-Chief of Avotakka magazine, loves old milieus contrasted by modern design gems. “A comfortable interior is created when practical needs, personal visual preferences and architectural frameworks are in balance.”

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Text: Kari-Otso Nevaluoma Images: Manufacturers

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