String Furniture is a Swedish design company specialized in furniture for homes. The product range includes shelves and storage. String Furniture was founded by the architect and designer Nils Strinning. The most successful products manufactured by String Furniture are String, String Plex and String Pocket shelving systems, which have been popular for over 50 years.


String Furniture’s shelving systems are practical and the structure is light weight, yet stable. The side panels are simple to mount and the shelves are easy to move around. Shelves of different depths can be combined in the same unit and the frame functions as a book-end. When more shelf space is needed, you can simply add more units. Since its launch, the String design has received a number of prestigious international awards. Their distinctive characteristics – functionality, minimalistic design, attention to details – made of String shelving systems a favourite soon after their launch and this minimalistic icon is as contemporary and appealing today as it was back then – a timeless design, at once classical and contemporary.


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