Saaga Uni mohair blanket, rust

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The warm character and texture of the Saaga Uni blanket, designed by Marja Rautiainen for Lapuan Kankurit, comes from a combination of soft mohair yarn and wool. Wrap yourself in the blanket while relaxing on a sofa or napping on a bed, and add a fluffy element to the home decor with gentle colours of the blanket. Saaga Uni is made of mulesing-free South African mohair and New Zeeland wool, designed in Finland and produced in a Lithuanian sewing company.

Lapuan Kankurit
Marja Rautiainen
70% mohair and 30% pure new wool. Contains small amount of nylon.
170 cm
130 cm
Care instructions:
Hand wash at max. 30°C or dry clean


Marja Rautiainen

Marja Rautiainen

Marja Rautiainen is a Finnish textile designer, who is especially known for her work with the Finnish weaving company Lapuan Kankurit. The Corona wool blanket, designed by Rautiainen for Lapuan Kankurit, won the Finnish design award Muoto 2015, and her other well-known textile designs include the Paanu and Alva patterns.

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