The Lap of the Forest shampoo bar by Metsä/Skogen is especially meant for oily hair and scalp for the whole family. The shampoo bar is handcrafted from all-natural ingredients: coconut oil-based ingredients, kokum butter, guar gum and apple cider vinegar will treat both hair and scalp.

The Lap of the Forest shampoo is not only gentle on the hair, but also for the Earth hence the ecological soap bar will last for dozens and dozens of hair washes. Using the shampoo is easy: massage the shampoo bar in a circular motion until the hair is foamy, and leave it on for a moment before rinsing. If necessary, you can use the Metsä/Skogen's Morning Mist conditioner bar after shampooing.

The Lap of the Forest shampoo bar, 80 g




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8.5 cm