EcoBirdy's Luisa is a multi-purpose table, meant for the family's smallest ones to do homework, colour a colouring book, make art or have a party with friends. The lightweight table is a safe choice for even the youngest children: despite its lightness, the Luisa table is designed to be sturdy enough not to tip over during the wildest plays. In addition, the corners of the table are rounded to prevent youngsters from hurting themselves. The tabletop feels silky under little hands, and older users will be pleased to know that the surface is also very easy to keep clean.

The material will surprise you, as the Luisa table is made from recycled plastic toys – so the colourful little dots decorating the table have actually been children's toys in their previous life! The soft design and playful colours will please parents' aesthetic eyes, too, making the Luisa table chair a perfect addition not only in the nursery but also in other rooms of the home.

Luisa table, party




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Multicolour valkoinen
75 cm