Lillagunga Toddler is a beautiful, carefully designed and safe baby swing for the youngest children in the family. Hand made leather seat and ropes in various colours make Lillagunga Toddler a stylish design element for every home. The height of the baby swing can be easily adjusted thanks to patented rope locks. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the elegant Lillagunga products have been built to last.

Lillagunga Toddler swing, oak - white seat and rope




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Oak, white
30.5 cm

Anton Stenfors

Anton Stenfors is the CEO of the Finnish design company Uniq Works. Stenfors got the idea for the Lillagunga swing, when he one summer wanted to buy a wooden swing for his sons. However he noticed that this was difficult and had to take a plastic swing instead. This broke down fast in use and the only thing that was left was to white ropes, each forming a loop. Stenfors happened to see a wooden plank and got the idea to create the Lillagunga swing.

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