Northern's Granny is a candle holder that your grandmother would have loved: the brass candlestick glows the atmosphere of traditional candle holders and classic oil lamps. Designed by Rudi Wulff, the Granny reflects a nostalgic past, but the carefully considered details update the look of the candle holder to suit even the modern décors.

The Granny candle holder features a decorative knob that makes it easy not just to remove the stearin but also to place a new candle inside. The base has curved edges that prevent the melted wax from spilling onto the table or windowsill. Granny candleholders are available in many different sizes and colours that you can combine to create sparkling candle clusters. 

Granny candle holder, 11,5 cm, brass




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Rudi Wulff

Norwegian designer Rudi Wulff lives in Oslo, where he also studies at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He has especially focused on urban planning and related issues but has also designed lighting, electronics, furniture, and other home accessories under his own design studio. His work is characterised by functionality and clean lines. Wulff has, for example, designed for the design company Northern.

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