The Iris Hantverk street broom is a beautiful, sturdy and traditional tool for outdoor cleaning. The broom has a short handle crafted from birch, and the bristles are made from rigid Bassine fibre, which is an excellent material for outdoor use.

Founded already in the late 1900th century, Iris Hantverk is known especially for its high-quality brushes, made from natural materials by visually impaired craftsmen in Sweden and Estonia.

Broom, short handle

Iris Hantverk



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Birch, Bassine plant fibre
Birch, brown

Lovisa Wattman

Lovisa Wattman is a Swedish designer who graduated from Stockholm’s Konstfack in 1995 with a master’s degree in Industrial Design. She strives to create long-lasting designs in terms of functionality, durability as well as visuality. Since 1999, Wattman has worked as a freelancer for Swedish companies including IKEA and Iris Hantverk.

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