The Bellhop table lamp, designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, is a ”modern candle” in the shape of a mushroom. Bellhop casts an atmospheric pool of light around it that can be adjusted with a dimmer. The lightweight, portable lamp is cordless, and therefore can be used even in spaces with no electricity. The rechargeable lamp has a battery life of 6 hours with the highest light intensity, and by reducing the light intensity, the battery life can be brought up to 24 hours.

Bellhop table lamp, matte black




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Matte black

Barber & Osgerby

Edward Barber (b. 1969) and Jay Osgerby (b. 1969) are British designers and founders of the London-based studio Barber & Osgerby, established in 1996. Barber and Osgerby studied architecture and interior design at London’s Royal College of Art and since that, they have collaborated in the fields of industrial design, furniture design and architecture. Their clean, streamlined designs are often inspired by folding and shaping of sheet material, and a fine example of their innovative style is the Tip Ton chair published by Vitra.

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