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Fundamental Berlin will delight with its bright colors, imaginative furniture and innovative ornaments that will make you smile. Founders Gunnar Lohmann-Rönsch and Stephen K. Molloy met while studying at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, where they graduated in 2006. Before Fundamental Berlin, both worked as architects: their work can be admired on the streets of London, Los Angeles and Berlin.

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Fundamental Berlin was born in 2011 when the duo discovered that they shared a common interest not only in architecture but also in recurring patterns and shapes in nature. Fundamental Berlin's objects are inspired by the mathematics of nature that Lohmann-Rönsch and Molloy love so much, and the brand's furniture repeat familiar shapes and patterns from nature.

The brand's products are designed in Berlin and fabricated in Italy. They can be found on sale in both MoMa and Louver.