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A thoughtfully crafted designer sofa sofa takes centre stage in any living room. Embrace the enduring appeal of Nordic design and explore our array of modern Scandinavian sofas, daybeds and sofa beds at Finnish Design Shop. Don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service for details on upholstery choices for our couches!

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Sofas, couches & daybeds: Choose the perfect sofa design for your home

A sofa is one of the home’s most important pieces of furniture – cosy couches invite you to relax after a busy day, offering a soft embrace for ultimate comfort and a space to gather. Sofas and daybeds become the perfect spots for daytime naps, and quality sofa beds ensure your guests enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

A sofa is a long-term investment that should endure daily use for years to come. That’s why investing in quality is key when selecting your perfect couch. At Finnish Design Shop, we’ve curated a diverse collection of designer sofas from leading brands from Scandinavia and beyond. Our sofa store features timeless mid-century sofa classics by Fredericia and Sika-Design as well as modern sofas by &Tradition, HAY and Interface – and much more!

Once you find your favourite sofa design, complete the set with a coffee table, pouf and maybe a couple of cushions of your choice. Take a look at our selection and discover the couch of your dreams!

How to choose the right sofa?

• Sofa type: Tailor your choice to what suits the room best – a cosy loveseat, a classic 2-seater sofa or 3-seater sofa, or perhaps a sectional sofa, such as a corner sofa or chaise longue. Modular sofas excel in creating versatile seating arrangements, allowing you to adapt the layout to different occasions, while daybeds provide a stylish lounging option for relaxation. Opt for a sleeper sofa if you’re planning to use your couch as a spare bed frequently. Additionally, consider your preference for a generously soft or slightly firmer sofa, or a fully or just partially upholstered frame.

• Style and colour: Match the sofa style with your overall interior design. Whether you fancy a contemporary couch, mid-century modern sofa, minimalist daybed or a classic sofa design, choose something that complements your existing decor. Pay attention to details like arm styles and leg designs, ensuring colours align with your aesthetic preferences. While earthy shades of grey, beige and brown are staples in Scandinavian design, you can also consider adding vibrancy to the room with a bright yellow sofa or perhaps a vivid blue sofa.

• Dimensions: One of the key steps in choosing a sofa is ensuring it fits seamlessly into your living area. Measure the available space carefully, considering not only the sofa’s width but also its depth and height. Ensure there’s ample room for movement around the couch, and take into account other furniture pieces and their placement. Additionally, take into account the doorways and stairwells the sofa needs to pass through during delivery. 

Leather sofa or fabric sofa?

When it comes to sofa upholstery, there are two heavyweight contenders: leather sofas and fabric sofas.

A leather sofa is a choice that seamlessly combines classic sophistication with effortless practicality. It exudes timeless elegance, offering a pleasantly cool and hypoallergenic material that's easy to keep clean year after year. Properly cared for, a leather sofa can withstand daily use for decades.

Fabric sofas, on the other hand, provide a broad spectrum of colours, patterns, and textures compared to leather. With their warmer and softer texture, fabric sofas contribute to a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Our sofa fabrics include robust natural materials like wool, linen and cotton, and we also feature luxurious velvet-upholstered sofas. To gauge fabric durability, look for the Martindale rating – for regular home use, aim for a value of at least 20,000. Removable, washable cushion covers and fabric protection treatments ease the maintenance of a fabric sofa.

How to care for and maintain my sofa?

Ensuring your sofa’s longevity requires proactive care and maintenance. These tips help you keep your sofa in prime condition year after year.

1. General cleaning: Regularly vacuum or wipe the sofa surface to eliminate dust and crumbs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a suitable upholstery nozzle for vacuuming.

2. Fluff and rearrange: Most sofas benefit from occasional fluffing and rearranging of cushions. Changing the positions of cushions helps prevent excessive wear in specific areas. Regular fluffing is especially important for feather and down-filled cushions.

3. Sun protection: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause fading and damage to the sofa upholstery. If possible, place the sofa away from direct sunlight or use curtains and blinds to shield it.

4. Stain removal: When accidents happen, quick action is crucial. Pat the stained area with a dry cloth to absorb as much of the stain as possible. Complete the stain removal as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

5. Regular maintenance: Treat the sofa periodically with suitable care and protection products. If needed, consult professionals for the cleaning of fabric upholstery.

Inspiration for choosing a new designer sofa

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