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Just as with everyday moments of joy, it is the little things that matter when it comes to more sustainable living. Considered choices help make a happy home, not to mention the benefits they hold for the planet we are all lucky enough to inhabit.

Together, we can make an impact. Our mission is to help you pick design items, lovingly termed pieces of Nordic happiness, that continue to convince with their timeless style and utmost quality.


Sustainable steps you can take

Wondering what to keep in mind when seeking home decor for the long run? We compiled a list of things to consider – while far from comprehensive, these tidbits may help you on your path to a home that stirs up smiles year in, year out.

Get to grips with your sense of style

Waking up every morning to a setting that feels just right is a thing of wonder. As no two homes are the same, reflect on which decor details bring a wide grin to your face. Knowing your personal style is key to choosing enduring design – we are talking pieces of Nordic happiness you would be proud to pass on to generations that follow.

Focus on functionality

What are the needs you are looking to fulfill? While often time-consuming, careful consideration will be rewarded. An extendable dining table can prove to be a frequent host’s savior, and the right choice of upholstery may alleviate any pet-loving decorator’s anguish.

Naturally, needs can change as years pass – and sometimes it is necessary to part ways with a much-loved design item. Not to worry, as we also have a solution in store for such scenarios.

Make maintenance your friend

Whether crafted from the softest cotton or sturdy solid wood, consider how your design item of choice can be maintained. As everyday life ensues, dents and stains are often inevitable, but handy tips to salvage a sticky situation are on the horizon. We encourage everyone to not only take care of their beloved products but also cherish their patina.

Create a capsule wardrobe for decor

Investing in interior staples pays off, seeing as they form the backbone of everyday living. As you select larger pieces, such as a sofa, it is worth your while to ponder how versatile and durable your options are, both in terms of quality and aesthetics. We see the beauty in long-term commitment – when it works, it works!

Smaller interior elements, such as home textiles, are easier to update with the changing seasons. Even simply placing an object in a new setting can help see it in a whole new light.

Put feeling first

Like the 1990s hit song, one might ask a simple question: what is love? Possible signs of an infatuation may include butterflies in your stomach and a constant desire to longingly gaze at your chosen one. What feels right for another might not match what feels right for you – simply put, let your heart lead the way to your version of a timeless home.


Here to support you in greener living

We would not be a very good friend if we did not do our best to help! While we have come up with several ways to assist you in making lasting choices, the work never stops.


For us, durable decisions start with a curated selection of designs that stand the test of time. With the help of extensive product information, we hope to paint a picture of the unique qualities of each item – bringing you one step closer to the designers’ ideas and innovations.

Our sustainability criteria, the Product Sustainability Framework PSF, helps you find aesthetically pleasing, responsible, and sustainable products, in alignment with your values. Through PSF, we assess the sustainability of each product in our selection and assign them a unique sustainability rating that can be seen on the product page of each product. You can also sort and browse our product selection based on sustainability.


Helping you connect with the world of design is our pride and joy. By offering all sorts of creative content, we strive to inspire and introduce our product range to enable informed choices.

Our online magazine, Design Stories, is proof that good design has endless stories to tell. The near-daily articles take you to designers’ studios, architectural sites and homes around the world.

To help clarify your sense of style and imagine items as part of your home, peek at our Shop the look page’s photos. If you still need extra time to think things through, our wishlist function makes sure you can return to the items that caught your eye.


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Franckly – keeping design in motion

As one chapter closes, another begins: we strongly believe that circularity is at the heart of good design. One of our ways to further extend the lifespan of products is Franckly, the curated online marketplace for pre-owned design. Currently available in 23 European countries, the service makes buying and selling authentic vintage and the best of contemporary design safe and easy.

Why not check out whether the design treasure of your dreams is listed on Franckly – or see how many second-hand enthusiasts are actively looking for an item you are planning to sell.

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