Iittala Kastehelmi

Iittala's Kastehelmi is one of our forever favourites when it comes to Finnish glass, enchanting generation after generation with its timeless beauty! Designed by Oiva Toikka, the votives and glassware make excellent gift ideas, as they are available not only in clear glass but also in numerous gorgeous colours. Explore the Kastehelmi collection and treat yourself or a loved one to Finnish design gems.

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Kastehelmi – Finnish for "dewdrop"

Iittala's beloved Kastehelmi series is easily recognisable by its ornate pattern, which resembles strings of pearls or morning dewdrops on plants. These distinctive glass droplets were born when designer Oiva Toikka explored ways to cover the seam marks left on pressed glass objects. The small beads do indeed cover up the seams, but also give Kastehelmi votives and tableware a truly unique look.

What does the Kastehelmi series include?

Kastehelmi candle holders are available in countless different colours, making them excellent gift ideas – from the extensive range, you'll surely find a suitable shade, whether the recipient is a fan of blue, green, or classic clear glass. Additionally, the collection includes tableware and vases.

Why choose Iittala Kastehelmi?

• Enchanting glass: The droplet pattern of Kastehelmi is simultaneously delicate and playful.
• Oiva Toikka's design legacy: Kastehelmi, one of Toikka's most well-known works, brings a piece of Finnish design history to your home and table.
• Colour palette: Iittala is globally recognised for its mastery of coloured glass, and the diverse colours of Kastehelmi are a perfect example.
• Timeless choice: Kastehelmi products continue to captivate year after year.
• Shadowplay: The tealight holders also cast beautiful shadow patterns around them that delicately dance in rhythm with the flame.

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