Muuto lighting

Muuto lighting adds a fresh touch of contemporary Danish design to all kinds of interiors. Thanks to their clean, minimalist expression, Muuto lamps are well suited for home use and public environments alike. Take a look at our selection of Muuto lighting and find your new Muuto lamp at Finnish Design Shop!

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Manufacturer: Muuto

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Muuto lighting

The renowned Danish furniture manufacturer Muuto offers a refined, versatile lighting collection that features expressive pendant, table, floor and wall lamps. An unerring eye for delicately clean lines and simple forms drawn from nature allows Muuto lamps and lights to elegantly set the mood in rooms of every size. Innovative, expressive and understated Muuto lamps are also a popular choice for work settings and public spaces.

Blending the eternal with the contemporary

Browse the Muuto lighting range for versatile designs that weave together timeless style, innovative processes and traditional production methods to create lighting systems that effortlessly elevate a space. Crafted to guide the ambience and easily define the purpose of your spaces, Muuto lighting options include well-known designs like:

- Muuto Strand: a gorgeous mixture of translucent light and direct illumination that can work in almost every space. Translucent Strand luminaires come in a number of shapes and sizes – they’re ideal for providing direct light over coffee tables and dining areas, as well as setting a cosy vibe in a room with their gorgeous glow.

- Muuto Ambit: the delicate shape of these hand-spun aluminium Muuto pendant lights is inspired by nature. The contemporary Muuto Ambit Rail brings a bold look without being overbearing. Its coloured pendants look wonderful suspended above a kitchen island or food preparation space, while a large Muuto Ambit pendant will bring a relaxed sophistication to any dining area.

- Muuto Post Wall Light: this versatile modern wall light can be turned, dimmed and positioned as you like. Great for adding focus and purpose to a home office or turning a blank wall or stairway into a playfully dramatic space. These black wall lights weave delight into forward-thinking design with their graphic black cable drop and innovative magnetic joint.

- Muuto Leaf Lamp: the pared-back, light design of this handy floor lamp is inspired by nature, making it easy to site in almost any room. Its gentle colour options look perfect next to a sofa or Muuto chair for reading and its dimmable LED bulb is easily adjustable so you can create the ambience to suit your mood. The 4–5 metre cable means the Muuto Leaf Lamps can be placed easily in its ideal spot.

More about Muuto

If you’ve fallen in love with the positive vibe and elevated natural shapes of Muuto pendant lights, you can pull together your perfect lighting plan with our Design Stories blog article dedicated to the gently upbeat design of the manufacturer’s Rime series.