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A designer wall clock keeps you on time in the traditional manner. But a designer wall clock is also a sculptural artwork or decorative object that is never boring. Our selection of wall clocks ranges from Arne Jacobsen's masterpieces to contemporary Scandinavian designs that become a key design feature on any wall. Browse through our selection of Scandi wall clocks and get inspired!

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Scandi wall clocks – for more than just timekeeping

Exploring our selection of stylish wall clocks is like taking a quick trip through over a century of iconic clock design. You’ll discover beautiful timepieces from Scandinavian as well as international designers. You’ll even find iconic American mid-century wall clock designed by George Nelson between 1948 and 1960, selected for their minimalist and modern design features. Any of these clocks lets you create a Scandi-style wall clock décor with ease.

Iconic Scandinavian wall clocks

We have several iconic wall clocks designed by Arne Jacobsen in the collection. These wall clocks in simple black and white with touches of red are ideal for creating timeless Scandi-style decors. We especially love his 4-piece set of AJ Bankers measurement tools, including a wall clock, thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer. It makes a stylish weather station that’s also functional, adding interest and elegance to the wall of your choosing.

What to look for in a modern luxury wall clock?

• Silence

The most important feature. Any wall clock you buy needs to be silent. Clocks that make an audible ticking sound —no matter how beautiful they are—won’t last long on anybody’s wall. Look for a wall clock with a smooth movement and zero ticking. The Muoto Collection makes wall clocks using high-quality German machinery that run almost silently, and Stelton’s Birdie wall clock is said to be completely silent.

• Sustainability

Look for designer wall clocks with an Excellent rating under our Product Sustainability Framework, which evaluates working conditions, eco-friendly production, climate impact, sustainable materials, and circular design. For example, some of our Muoto Collection wall clocks have an Excellent rating.

• Original design

Look for stylish wall clocks with original features for interest, like using even numbers instead of the traditional 3,6,9, and 12. There are clocks in our collection comprised only of hour and minute hands. We have other clocks designed to create unique or playful shapes, appear to float on the wall, or cast intriguing shadows! And while Vitra’s clocks were designed by George Nelson last century, the designs still feel fresh today—and he also designed cool animal-shaped clocks for kids’ rooms.

Spotlight on the HAY wall clock

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