The prettiest preloved patio furniture – we picked five favorites from Franckly’s outdoor selection

Welcome for a bout of treasure-hunting in Franckly’s very own summer shop! Our marketplace for pre-owned design is bursting with beauties for the summer home from gorgeous garden furniture to vintage tableware. To celebrate the opening of the Summer Store, we selected five of our favorites from Franckly’s outdoor selection.

Pre-used Vitra Tip Ton chair on Franckly
Franckly’s Summer Shop features a curated selection of pre-used patio furniture and summery design items from the likes of HAY, Vitra and Fermob.

HOPING TO score some beautifully patinated patio furniture or update your balcony for the summer, but preferably with pre-owned pieces? Finnish Design Shop’s little sister and marketplace for preloved design, Franckly, has just opened its very own Summer Store – following in its bigger sibling’s footsteps!

In addition to garden furniture, the carefully curated Summer Store selection features vintage tableware for a variety of festival occasions as well as home textiles and decorative items to help you get set for summer.

Pre-used Cane-line Ocean patio chair on Franckly
The Ocean chairs by Cane-line are made of the Danish brand’s own rattan-like Cane-line Weave material that can withstand outdoor use all year round.

1. Woven with care: Cane-line outdoor furniture

Rattan is a classic material option for outdoor furniture, and its natural look is a great fit for both classic and modern outdoor oases for a bit of bohemian flair. The tropical wood does require some love and care, though: rattan furniture should only be used on covered patios and balconies so that they are protected from the rain as well as the scorching summer sun.

If you like the look of rattan but prefer something a bit more ‘low maintenance’, polyrattan furniture might be just the ticket. The Danish brand Cane-line’s own Cane-line Weave material imitates the organic look of rattan but can be left outdoors all year round. Although, the Ocean chairs, for example, are stackable and so lightweight that it really isn’t much of a trouble to store them away for the winter and dig back up again when spring arrives.

Ocean chair on Franckly >
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Pre-used Fatboy Original Outdoor bean bag chair on Franckly
On the hunt for a pre-used sun lounger? The Original Outdoor bean bag chair by Fatboy is a fun alternative that can also be used as a rocking chair with the help of Fatboy’s add-on.

2. For lazy lounging: Fatboy’s bean bags

Did you know that the beloved bean bags from Fatboy also come in a version suitable for outdoor use? The Original Outdoor bean bag chair fits in your cozy summer retreat like a scoop of ice cream fits on a cone, and it comes in a variety of delicious colors. A second-hand bean bag is a smart, multi-functional piece of furniture that can serve as a chair as well as a sun lounger as needed. In addition, Fatboy has convenient Outdoor Jacket covers, which you can use to make a standard Fatboy bean bag chair suitable for al fresco living in no time.

Original Outdoor bean bag chairs >
All Fatboy products on Franckly >

Pre-used Fermob Opéra+ chair on Franckly
Fermob’s vintage-style Opéra+ garden chair is the ideal choice for both fans of timeless elegance and those who crave some daring flair.

3. French flair: Fermob garden furniture

The most well-known of all Fermob outdoor furniture are undeniably the iconic Bistro tables and chairs as well as the Luxembourg series created in the 1920s for the park of Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. A little less known but equally elegant is the Opéra+ collection, whose sleek and chic chairs immediately transport you to a Parisian garden – you can almost taste the patisserie and the café au lait. The metal chairs resemble old wrought iron furniture but are made of UV-protected steel.

Pre-owned Opéra+ chairs >
Fermob furniture on Franckly >

Pre-used HAY Hee outdoor chair on Franckly
The Hee series is a modern classic whose airy metal structure resembles a three-dimensional line drawing.

4. Cool and contemporary: HAY Hee patio chairs

The minimalist Hee chairs charm with their graphic but graceful design language. The furniture collection, named after its designer Hee Welling, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and includes barstools, lounge chairs, and dining room chairs. White garden furniture is a classic choice, of course, but there are also plenty of other colors to choose from!

Hee is definitely one of our favorites for its modern look and airy feel. The chairs are just as suitable for a small balcony as for a larger patio – along with HAY's Palissade series, Hee is also a familiar sight on the outdoor patios of restaurants and bars. The Italian brand Emu’s Rio chairs share a similar aesthetic.

Pre-used Hee patio chairs >
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Pre-used Vitra Flower Table and Panton chair on Franckly
The Flower Table, designed by Alexander Girard, boasts a playful form that resembles a flower in bloom. Panton chairs are also fit for outdoor use.

5. Or perhaps a wild card?

Does the fun of buying second-hand lie in the joy of finding something special? In that case, we recommend heading directly to Franckly's Summer Store, where our dedicated team of design experts has curated vintage treasures and other pre-loved design gems for the garden and balcony as well as summery table settings.

Currently, Franckly's selection includes several rare delicacies, such as the Aurinko table designed by Alvar Aalto, the Aulis hanging chair by Parolan Rottinki, and the Flower coffee table by Alexander Girard. There are also a few modern rocking chairs in the selection right now, such as Driade's MT3 or Vitra's Tip Ton.

As is usually the case with second-hand shopping, speed is key at Franckly – someone else might be after the same designer treasure!

Flower coffee table on Franckly >
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Anholt coffee table
Desert lounge chair
Hee lounge chair
Flower table
MT3 rocking chair
Louis 20 armchair
330 Aurinko table
Renoir Exterior swing chair
Messina parasol
Parolan Rottinki
Pataya chair

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