Give your summer home décor a makeover with our 7+1 simple ideas

Decorating the summer house might often be last on the list and no wonder: there are strawberries to savor and sunshine to be soaked in – and to-do lists to scrap. Design Stories put together seven simple ideas for a summer cottage mini makeover, take a look and get inspired!

An image of HAY's yellow Juice vase in a table setting, as part of the summer house decor.
HAY's exuberant Juice vase is the perfect centerpiece for all summertime table settings.

1. Fresh flowers make all the difference

Never underestimate the power of a bouquet: pair a beautiful vase with fresh wildflowers or a floral arrangement to add some joie-de-vivre to the summer cottage décor. Designed by Kristine Five Melvær and made from mouth-blown glass, HAY's colorful Juice vase is the perfect companion to all kinds of flowers and it boasts a big, unique personality that also makes it a stunning decorative item as such.

HAY's Juice vase >
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An image of Anno's Oras throw in a brown shade, as part of the summer cottage decor.
Anno's delightful Oras throw is made of high-quality linen: it feels smooth and cool to the skin in summer, but keeps you cozy and warm during the colder months.

2. Soften the space with textiles

Mix and match textiles to update the space in no time. Spice up the sofa with a colorful throw, opt for a cushion cover or two with a bold print or refresh the bedroom with crisp linen duvet covers – the choice of colors and materials can add either an upbeat mood or tone it down for a more harmonious feel. Perfected with calm, earthy tones, Anno's Oras throw can be effortlessly combined with a variety of styles.

Anno's Oras throw >
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An image of Marset's FollowMe lamp on the table, as part of the summer home decor.
Marset's cordless FollowMe lamp is also perfect for spaces without electricity.

3. Take your lighting to go

Whether you root for a traditional cottage style or a more modern luxury cabin look, portable lighting is guaranteed to make your stay more enjoyable. Marset's versatile FollowMe lamp, designed by Inma Bermúdez is easy to carry from one room to the next and enjoy its ambient glow out on the terrace or garden – and you can even let it guide your way to the privy.

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A product image of Finarte's Huvila rug in beige.
Finarte's Huvila rug is available in various sizes and colors.

4. Introduce a dose of cottagecore

Changing the rug is by far the easiest way to transform the whole mood of the room. The laid-back look of the Huvila rug, designed by Mervi Pesonen, draws inspiration from traditional, woven rugs and adds vintage flair to modern cottages and apartments. Perfected with a fresh color palette and an irresistibly upbeat pattern, the Huvila rug is a stunning combination of traditions and timelessness.

Finarte's Huvila rug >
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An image of Cover Story's color samples in light tones.
Cover Story is on a mission to make painting a little less complicated – the brand introduces painting as a form of not renovating, but decorating.

5. Opt for a new hue

Painting the summer house might seem like a daunting task, especially when updating a space packed with memories. However, subtle changes can have a sizeable impact. Simply adding a coat of paint in a fresh white shade helps strip the walls of any stuffiness. Finnish Cover Story paints are plastic-free, breathable, and come in an astonishing range of colors – all of which are also available in clever, A4-sized color samples.

Cover Story paints >
Cover Story color samples >

An image of Sade sauna cover and Sade sauna pillow in the sauna, as part of the summer home decor.
The Sade collection by Lapuan Kankurit is made of linen and adorned with Aoi Yoshizawa's organic, minimalistic print.

6. Add a piece of Nordic summer

The summer house sauna is at the heart of magical Scandinavian summers. Dipping into a lucid lake fresh out of the heat, steam still rising from your skin, or sitting outside the sauna listening to the stillness of the summer evening are truly unforgettable experiences. Made in Finland, the Sade sauna cover and sauna pillow by Lapuan Kankurit make relaxing sauna moments even more enjoyable – and give the bathing space a refined look.

Sade collection by Lapuan Kankurit >
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An image of Marimekko's Siirtolapuutarha tableware items as part of the summer home decor.
The vibrant prints in Marimekko's Siirtolapuutarha collection carry a charming note of nostalgia.

7. Set the table with selected favorites

The summer home tableware collection might be a downright jumble, but nevertheless, a very charming one – the souvenir coffee cups and chipped ceramic bowls all narrate memories from past summers. However, adding a more streamlined set to the mix can help tie the rest together and calm down the mood of the kitchen. Marimekko’s Siirtolapuutarha collection can be effortlessly combined with existing sets, and it introduces a delightfully fresh and eclectic feel to the décor.

Marimekko's Siirtolapuutarha table >
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An image of HAY's HAY PLAY games stacked in a pile.
There's no need to hide the HAY PLAY games in a cupboard after playing – the delightfully colorful boxes add a fun flair to the decor.

+1. One more round

Classic board games are an essential part of the Finnish summer cottage culture, much like fresh peas bought from the marketplace and accidental tan lines. Created by Clara Von Zweigbergk, the HAY PLAY collection features three iconic games: Yatzy, Backgammon, and chess. Packed in beautifully designed boxes, you can just leave them out for the rematch.

HAY's HAY PLAY games >

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