Lavitta table, round, 120 cm


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Lavitta, designed by Poiat, is a collection of clean-lined seating and tables that were awarded as the furniture of the year at the Finnish Muoto Gala in 2015. The design trio drew their inspiration from traditional Finnish outdoor furniture and created a series of contemporary designs that have a simple yet elegant appearance. Made of form pressed plywood with a veneer surface, the chairs, lounge chairs, tables and bench catch the eye with their rounded corners and slanted, tapering legs. The Lavitta collection is a future classic that works equally well in domestic and public spaces.

Diameter 120 cm, height 72 cm, four legs
Walnut / black / oak
Form pressed plywood with a veneer surface




Poiat is the design studio of Antti Rouhukoski, Timo Mikkonen and Marco Rodriquez, which specializes in interior architecture, product design, design concepts and consulting. The designers had met while studying at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and pursued their own career, until the Finnish interior architects Rouhunkoski and Mikkonen established Poiat in 2010. Rodriquez, the Mexican interior architect and architect, joined the studio after working for a few years in Madrid.

Poiat has designed the Coupé shelves for Woud, the Q2 house design for Sunhouse and several interiors for private clients and companies. The studio’s Lavitta collection was selected as the best furniture of the year at the Finnish Muoto 2015 design awards gala.

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