World of Art - Women in Design, published by Thames & Hudson, provides a fresh look at the design, which has often been seen as a male-dominated field. Written by author and historian Anne Massey, the book presents design from the 1900s to the 2000s through the women who have had a significant impact on how the design world looks today. Divided into seven chapters, this beautifully illustrated book draws out a new, fascinating history that will shake up everything you have thought about design until now. The book is part of Thames & Hudson's acclaimed World of Art series.

Throughout the history of design, women have been overlooked or overshadowed, their work frequently sidelined or credited to their male peers. Women in Design offers a comprehensive introduction to women’s legacies in the fields of architecture, craft, fashion, furniture, interior, product, textile and graphic design, and a vital corrective to male-centric histories of design.

World of Art - Women in Design

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Anne Massey