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Exterior lighting is a combination of good general lighting and soft mood lights. Well-designed exterior lighting helps you to find your way back home in the dark and creates a pleasant ambience for long summer nights in the garden. We provide all the pieces for stylish and functional exterior lighting with Scandinavian quality!

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Well-designed exterior lighting brings light and atmosphere to outdoor spaces

Exterior lighting is key to creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space. It not only enhances safety during the dark hours but also creates a unique ambience and highlights the best features of each outdoor area. With well-designed exterior lighting, you can transform your garden or balcony into a magical oasis, making it a joy to spend time there in the evenings.

Perfect exterior lighting with Finnish Design Shop

In the selection of Finnish Design Shop, you will find high-quality exterior lights as well as atmosphere-creating lanterns and fire pits from brands like Eva Solo, Louis Poulsen, Artemide, and Fatboy.

Lanterns and fire pits: Atmospheric lanterns and modern outdoor fire pits bring warmth and cosiness to outdoor spaces.

Exterior lights: A wide range of different exterior lights, from cordless table lamps to wall, ceiling and bollard lights.

Welcome to get inspired and design the perfect exterior lighting for your garden, balcony or summer cottage!

What should be considered when designing exterior lighting?

Several factors should be considered when designing exterior lighting to ensure it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Purpose: Think about the purpose of the lighting. Is it needed for safety improvement, marking pathways, creating ambience, or perhaps highlighting plants or structures?

2. Light intensity: Choose the light intensity and colour temperature according to the purpose. Soft and warm light creates an inviting atmosphere, while brighter and cooler light improves visibility and safety in outdoor areas.

3. IP rating: Ensure that the exterior lights have a suitable IP rating for the prevailing weather conditions. Generally, an IP44 rating or higher is recommended for outdoor use.

4. Placement and direction: Plan the exterior lighting so that the lights highlight desired targets and create pleasant general lighting. Also, consider the surrounding vegetation to ensure the lighting integrates naturally into the environment.

5. Optimizing technology: Opt for energy-efficient LED lights and lamps that offer long service life and low operating costs. Also, consider using smart lighting, motion sensors and timers to optimize the lighting.

Inspiration for exterior lighting design

Do you want more ideas and inspiration for exterior lighting? Check out the articles in our Design Stories online magazine, where you'll find tips and ideas for designing exterior lighting.

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