A pleasant outdoor space – 5 tips for furnishing a deck and balcony

Making a deck, patio or balcony cozy is now easier than ever. Select furniture suitable for the size and shape of the space, and finish with outdoor lighting in tune with your style.

Skagerak Overlap table and benches
The Overlap table, designed by TAF Studio, is named after the overlapping structure of its steel legs. The collection is made by the Danish design brand Skagerak.

1. Dine al fresco

Eating outside is one of the greatest pleasures of summer. So it's worth investing in a durable table and chairs, which still feel comfortable after hours of sitting. Choose a table in a size and shape that matches your outdoor space. A rectangular table suits a long deck, whereas a round one is best for a square-shaped deck. A bench combined with small chairs often works – why not place the bench against a wall.

Hay's Palissade chair and Cone table
Hay's Palissade chair is ideal for the Cone table and its ingeniously playful geometric forms.

2. Get the proportions right

You can make a small urban balcony cozier by using furniture of the right size, not too small and not too large. Small tables, folding chairs, stools and narrow benches are best for compact spaces.

Woud's Ray chairs in rose pink
The Ray outdoor furniture collection by Woud is available in black, white, blue and rose pink.

3. Play with colors

Fine, light-colored wooden furniture, or metal furniture painted dark green, beige or black is now trendy. There's plenty of choice! Small spaces are unbelievably easy to brighten up with colorful furniture, which can even create the impression of added space. Vivid pastel shades and dark red always add character to an urban balcony.

Eva Solo HeatUp electric patio heater
The terrace season can be lengthened in cozy style with the HeatUp electric heater from Eva Solo.

4. Banish cold weather

If you love spending time on your deck in cool weather, but don't want to wrap up, invest in a quality patio heater. The latest infrared heater designs are already approaching the level of stylishness achieved by indoor lighting. A slim heater with a subdued design is also great for small spaces.

Marset Santorini pendant
Sputnik Estudio drew inspiration for Marset's Santorini pendant from fishing boat lanterns. This atmospheric outdoor lamp has a 4.5-meter power cable.

5. Light up your evenings

Prolonging the deck season into the shorter days of fall is easy with flexible lighting: sometimes you need low, atmospheric illumination; at other times you want bright, general lighting. Floor lamps and hung and movable lighting will handily illuminate your space where most needed. Hang three small lamps above a long dining table, rather than one large one, for more evenly distributed light.

Get inspired

Santorini pendant
Flux table
Eva Solo
HeatUp electric heater
Palissade chair
Hee lounge chair
Tasaraita tray
Glass jug
Linear table
Ray chair
My Outdoor lounge chair
Tratten wall lamp
Overlap table
Hanging Egg chair
Serax; Concrete plant pot
Pawn side table
Ferm Living
Plant Box

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Text: Anna Aromaa (Avotakka) Photos: Manufacturers

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