Guglielmo Poletti

Guglielmo Poletti is an Italian designer whose studio, founded in 2016, is located in Milan. Poletti, an alumnus of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven design school, boasts an original approach to design and contextual planning – creating exciting entities, where familiar concepts and materials are shaped into something surprising and new. 

Guglielmo Poletti has designed pieces for the following brands:

Guglielmo Poletti: Filter products

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Poletti's friend is known to have said that Poletti was not satisfied with the world around him, so he decided to create his own reality. Poletti's design method is strongly based on intuition and thinking by doing – analytical conclusions merely support action, not the other way around. The prototype of Guglielmo Poletti's Equilibrium chair has been added to the permanent collection of the Design Museum Ghent in Belgium.