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Bathroom lighting sets the mood in the bathroom and provides essential illumination for daily routines. Bathroom lighting should always be designed with care, especially in bathrooms with no natural light. On this page, you'll find safe and elegant vanity lights and bathroom light fixtures for both walls and ceilings.

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Designer bathroom light fixtures

Bathroom lighting can transform the ambiance from cool to warm and luxurious. If your bathroom lacks natural light, then you’ll need to rely on bathroom light fixtures to create the atmosphere you want.

Consider whether you prefer warm or cool-toned light and how the strength or direction of each light will contribute to the unique ambiance. In a compact bathroom with low ceiling height and limited floor space, you may prefer to steer away from large pendants and chandeliers in favor of smaller sconces, alcove lights, or flush mounts.

At Finnish Design Shop we have a selection of stylish designer Scandinavian bathroom lighting in addition to lighting accessories, such as LED bulbs, cable cups, and cord sets. Everything you need to illuminate your bathroom, from designer fixtures to LED light bulbs! We also have a wide selection of designer bathroom accessories, including soap dispensers, towel ladders, and toilet brushes.

Discover multifunctional designer bathroom lighting

Browse our selection of modern Scandi bathroom lighting to find pieces suitable for your interiors. The collection includes waterproof Scandinavian bathroom lighting, suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Look for multifunctional lamp designs that can be placed on the wall or the ceiling.

Our Sammode LED bathroom lights have a French industrial aesthetic and come in materials like stainless steel, copper, and glass. Many Sammode bathroom lights are sold with a wall cable plate and steel suspension wires so you can use them as wall lamps or ceiling lamps. Install them either flush to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Many of these stylish lamps also feature dimmer switches, for a quick change of mood with a twist of the dial.

Scandinavian bathroom lighting inspiration

If you’re not a design expert, choosing the right lighting for your bathroom can be tricky. You need to choose the right amount of light to keep your space feeling warm and cozy while also offering enough light around the vanity mirror. You also want to avoid creating a sterile ambiance or too much glare. For recommendations on how to achieve this balance, read our guide to buying lamps in Design Stories magazine. You’ll find lighting ideas for each room of the home in Love at first light! Top tips on choosing a lamp.