Design House Stockholm’s Björk wool rug was inspired by the rough, black and white trunk of a birch tree — ”björk” is a Swedish word for birch — and the brown leather edging of the rug alludes to the inside of the bark. Designed by Lena Bergström, the earthy tones of the Björk rug create a marbled effect through a warp of cotton intertwined with a weft in wool, known not only for its softness but also for its in-built resistance to dirt. Featuring a patterned structure enriched by a stylish and protective leather edging, the Björk rugs give an organic touch of modern Scandinavian design textile to the hallway, living room or elsewhere in the house. Choose the largest size for the living room or for the dining area, or opt for the narrow rug for a stunning hallway runner.

Björk rug, dark grey

Design House Stockholm




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Wool, leather
Dark grey

Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström is one of Sweden’s best-known glass designers, but she is also specialized in textiles. Bergstöm studied textile design at Konstfack in Stockholm and after graduating she has won several awards including 12 Excellent Swedish Design and 3 Elle Decoration Design Awards. 

Her textile work is characterized by graphic qualities and her glass and crystal designs are often soft and organic. In her words: ” I design soft glass and hard textile."

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