Pappelina’s Fred rug features a simple intersecting stripe pattern that creates intriguing geometrical forms together with the background. A two-sided design equals double the fun: you can flip the carpet over when you feel like it’s time for a new colour. The double-folded edges are hemmed with a strong seam.

Made of phthalate-free PVC ribbon, the rug is easy to clean and makes a practical choice for all spaces. Due to its narrow form, the rug can easily be put to use as a stunning hallway runner, a kitchen area rug or an outdoor rug. The Fred rug is woven using traditional techniques in Dalarna, Sweden.

Fred rug, 70 x 270 cm, linen - vanilla


275.00 €


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Phthalate-free PVC ribbon, polyester warp
Beige, off-white