Arni Aromaa’s Primordial Animal is a charming little sculpture made of cast and glazed porcelain. The ceramic figure is dipped in the glaze upside down so that it only covers the top, allowing the material’s lovely natural colour and texture to show at the bottom.

The Primordial Animals are available in various sizes in three colour families: red tones, blue-green tones and natural tones. Green khaki belongs to the latter. In each colour family, the sculpture in size S features a dot pattern on its glazed back that may vary slightly between individual sculptures. The exact positioning of the glaze itself or the creature's eyes may also vary – each Primordial Animal is unique.

Aromaa has named the creature as a Primordial Animal, but its ambiguous form and patterned glazing also evoke images of whales, wombats or even armadillos. What do you see in the Primordial Animal?

Primordial Animal, S, green khaki

Craftworks Finland

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Glazed porcelain
Green beige

Arni Aromaa

Arni Aromaa (born 1971) is a Finnish industrial designer best known as the co-founder and creative director of the design agency Pentagon Design. Aromaa has won numerous design awards, such as the Industrial Designer of the Year award in 2012 and the Finnish State Prize for Design in 2012, both together with Sauli Suomela, co-founder of Pentagon Design. In addition to design work, Aromaa also works as a sculptor, especially in the field of ceramics, and his works have been selected for the collections of EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, among others.

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